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Making The War Horse

Me working on the bronze.JPG

It took nine months to complete the War Horse Memorial at Black Isle Bronze Nairn.

The 1 1/2 life-size War Horse Memorial was made by creating an original maquette from which an enlargement pattern was produced. I applied the foundry recipe mixture to the enlargement pattern to create a workable surface to recreate texture and detail. The War Horse was then sand-cast in bronze but the ears and tail were cast with the lost wax method. The bronze parts were then assembled and welded together. The welds were worked on so they were no longer visible.  The monument in bronze was checked and worked on and final details finished.  The barbed wire was made. The sculpture was then sandblasted and the patina applied.

I travelled to Inverness many times to follow and work on the memorial. Farquhar Laing of Black Isle Bronze and his Team are professional and a pleasure to work with.

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